We’re Socialisers

We specialise in going viral, driving traffic and helping brands become Social Media champions

Adduco is a modern-day media conglomerate focused on building powerful brands, stories, celebrities, and businesses around Social Entertainment and Media. We create content, incubate influential talent, and put brands in front of millions of people.

Social Campaigns

Campaigns created and driven by a daring, well-informed team and bolstered by our media-network of 50+ communities and growing team of influencers.


A fully AI-driven Influencer Marketing marketplace. No more searching, no more guesswork, no more disappointment. Just perfect pairings, done for you.

Creative Activation

To support our results-hungry viral campaigns we offer engaging, beautiful creative assets – from websites to drone footage to video courses.

Talk to millions

We strive to be at the forefront of engaging select markets, bolstered by our home-grown network of social communities that cover teen, sport, celebrity, retail categories and more.

Currently our in-house network cumulatively reaches 20m+ users every week and primarily serves to audiences in NZ, Australia and the United States.

Our Brand Family

We work alongside brands to support and guide them to market effectively in the social space. With our expertise and experience in creating and distributing constant viral content, brands come to us for a little bit of our magic sauce.

  • Case #1

    Bayleys Real Estate had a hot residential development to market and came to Adduco with the objective of creating a blanket of buzz and intrigue around it.

    2.49m Impressions
    14,939 web-prospectus Clickthroughs
    2,182 shares on content and over 327k video views

  • Case #2

    The Tasman Makos are one of our favourite friends – during our time with them we’ve seen them to two finals over both seasons. With collabs, livestreams, photo filters, interviews and fan-art we’ve loved getting behind the boys. #FinzUp

    5,101,155 rugby fans reached with 312 posts
    50.26% increase in page audience
    63,698 link clicks

  • Case #3

    1. video

    Why not show you our diverse range of clients and success? Watch what we do, who we do it for and how we do it above.

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