Hey, We’re Adduco

A Media Company that Loves Making Conversation.

Est. 2012

Adduco started out of a notebook in November 2012, quickly growing into a full agency of twelve eager creatives. The core team built out a name around town for helping brands onto the interwebs, staffed across two back-room offices with no windows in Nelson and Auckland. 6 years later we’ve blossomed into managing large audiences, exclusively consulting to select brands and developing our product, Adduco Platform. We now also have an office with windows. 


Over six years we have partnered with more than 120 names in Fashion, Sporting, Government and Political, CPG, and FMCG verticals to deliver social campaigns and digital solutions that drive conversation. From end-to-end we strategise, create content, build the landing and send the traffic. 

Our media influence is bolstered with our network of pages (19m+ in reach) and TeamAdduco label of managed celebrity influencers (9m+ in followers) that we aggregate, create and distribute branded content throughout. 


In early 2017 we pooled our years of insight, knowledge and frustrations from social campaigns and influencer management into building a product for the future. Adduco Platform is a predictive targeting product that helps brands segment their data to distribute personalised messages that appeal powerfully to audience interests by targeting their personalities and behavioural indicators. Our Platform gives you the power to pull all of your customer data together in one hub, understand their personalities and influence decision making on an unprecedented 1:1 scale. We’re here to engage the 💩out of your audience and show real ❤️with each and every post.

Influencer Management

You’re thinking about this for a reason —it works. If growing social media following or high campaign visibility is the goal, influencers are the answer. We manage a belt of Australasian influencers with a collective network of 9 million followers and we’re pretty damn good at outreach too. We also own Facebook and Instagram accounts that span common verticals – With a reach of 19m+ on tap our clients can access our large, diverse audiences across social media and turn trends into global messages.

Content Production

From custom memes to high-quality product shots to viral experiences we have you covered. Our family is bolstered with a network of trusted freelance creators in USA and all over New Zealand, our little black-book of the best people in all marketing disciplines ready and waiting for our clients.

Community Management

We’ve been doing this from Day 1 – Adduco started as a local service managing Facebook pages for small business. These days we do a bit more than that, putting our people in place to manage and grow our clients’ communities on a minute-by-minute basis by addressing every inbound message and outbound opportunity, all while providing constant feedback on content performance.

Campaign Strategy

We’ve built and activated campaigns for Fashion, Local Business, Sporting and small CPG brands as well as Government and Political entities. Whether it’s a 60 minute conversation over coffee or a 3-month immersion into your business, we aim to impart as much actionable value and insight as we can to our clients. 

Account Growth

We know how to grow – just ask our head of Community Management who’s acheived his own celebrity status. We’ve grown some of our own accounts from 0 to 500k reach within 30 days, mobilised large client accounts to double followings within campaign lifetimes and have smashed through plateaus for new and old brands alike. Ask us for recent examples – we can show you that we don’t just walk the talk.


We aren’t just social-exclusive. We work closely with partner freelancers and companies to launch multi-channel initiatives outside the social world.  This includes websites, web and mobile apps, small-scale branding, event activations, murals, wheatpaste posters and other on-the-street engagement.

Our Clients

Over six years we have partnered with more than 120 names in Fashion, Sporting, Government and Political, CPG, and FMCG verticals in New Zealand, west-cost USA and parts of Asia including China and Philippines. 

Bayleys Real Estate had a hot residential development to market and came to Adduco with the objective of creating a blanket of buzz and intrigue around it with a plugin campaign.

2.49m Impressions
14,939 web-prospectus Clickthroughs
2,182 shares on content

The Tasman Makos are one of our favourite friends – during our time with them we’ve seen them to two finals over both seasons. With collabs, livestreams, photo filters, interviews and fan-art we’ve loved getting behind the boys.

5,101,155 rugby fans reached with 312 posts
50.26% increase in page audience
63,698 link clicks