Hey, We’re Adduco

An collective of like-minded millennial socialisers managing a media-network of 50+ communities and a growing list of more than 1,000 influencers.

An idea blossoming

Adduco started off the back of a 3B1 notebook in November 2012, quickly growing to a squad of 12 millennial minds. As a company we were built in an unconventional manner and thus apply an approach unique to the industry – leveraging social followings and different content delivery methods. The core team built out a name for helping brands and communities define their points of difference and reach new heights with social media, starting in Nelson NZ and gradually branching out nationally. 

Moving with the times

We’ve kept our heads above water in the agency world by remaining nimble, adaptive and forward-thinking. We strive to be at the forefront of engaging select markets, bolstered by our home-grown network of social communities that cover teen, sport, celebrity, retail categories and more. With our expertise and experience in creating and distributing constant viral content, brands come to us for a little bit of our special sauce. Taking advantage of our various outlets and companies within the Adduco network, we can put brands in front of millions of people in organic and entertaining ways. 

How we’ve progressed

We’ve sat as a web design house, social advisory, full-service agency and everything in-between. While these bolt-on services are quickly commoditised or replaced for the better, what hasn’t changed is what Adduco is known for and what we do best – spinning a brand story and putting it in front of millions of people on social media. Currently our in-house network cumulatively reaches 20m+ users every week and primarily serves to audiences in NZ, Australia and the United States. 

Looking into the future…

Our AI-driven influencer management software, Platform, will progress from private beta to public use in late 2017. We look to continue to grow our influence and network, keeping us and our clients ahead of the game.

We’re always looking to grow

Got what it takes to work with us? Have a social community that you want to monetise? Great! Drop us a line and let’s get talking.